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Saturday, 9 November 2013


Ok, I know, I lied, that promise to update regularly kind of fell through,,, But I have an excuse! So first I was sick, then I've been doing some DIY, cause I'm so talented ;) haha. So I have no idea what I'm writing (due to the fact it's midnight and I'm sitting watching Seinfeld) but hopefully it makes sense.
So, the learning of the Swedish is going good, those 2 days at the other school are really helping. My only problem is talking. I've never really been confident, but don't exactly wanna make a fool of myself now do I? Hmm, so any of you guys moved to a new country? How did you deal with starting speaking a new language? Any tips?
What about that storm the other week? I know the storm was in the UK and Sweden (not sure where else) but it was awful. I mean it was so windy I could literally feel my little wooden house moving! Haha, but seriously, do you know how annoying it is to be sitting in your bed and the power goes out? Well just imagine that you'd forgot to clean your room (like I happened to, leaving jewellery, headphones, pens and loads of other tiny things on the floor) and you couldn't get up until the lights came back on otherwise you'd feel like you stepped on Lego! Anyone done that? Absolute AGONY!! 
So, I'm running out of thing to say (seeming as I'm literally tyring to keep my eyes pried open) but hopefully I'll find something interesting for Tuesday!
Well I do have one thing to say, go check out iisuperwomanii on YouTube! She's hilarious! You could even leave a comment telling her I sent you! :D Well anyways,

Saturday, 5 October 2013

You got Twitter?

Two updates in one day! :O It's a miracle!
Just a quick update to inform you all, iI now have pubble, so feel free to ask me anything (public or anonymous) on pubble by using the sidebar that says 'Questions?'
The next thing is... I finally have Twitter! My friends have been persuading me to get it for ages, so now I have :D So follow me! @TeenMovesAbroad there i'll probably be uploading a lot more frequently than here!
Maybe I'll even follow you back!


Hi everyone!
So, so far my blogging hasn't actually been scheduled, it's been pretty much whenever i have gotten around to it... But I've decided that from now on I'm going to be posted updates every Tuesday and Friday (and maybe Sunday), and I promise you I'll try and stick to it :)

Recently my life's been a little crazy... but what's new! Not sure if I've mentioned it but I've started going to another school 2 days a week where I spend all day learning Swedish, yet still I can't speak a word, 
great... So in the class there's me and my sisters and some other kids who've moved to Sweden, but there Swedish is way better than mine! I mean they have conversations with the teacher in Swedish, and although I can understand most of it I know I wouldn't be able to do it! I mean, have you ever had the feeling where you wanted to say something, but you couldn't find the words? It's like your brain is searching for any word that will fit but you can't find that word, the perfect word to show how you're feeling, or what you want to say.. Well that's how I feel talking Swedish. I know exactly what I want to say in English, but the Swedish words keep slipping from my grasp, it's like I go into panic mode and my brain can't function. A little drastic I know, but yeah :) Hopefully that will stop soon enough, 

Another thing now is next week (well the next 2 weeks) is/are PRAO. Don't even ask me what that stands for because I have absolutely no clue, but basically it's work experience. When I heard it was coming up I thought great, so 2 weeks of pure hell where I'll be in some strange place I don't understand with people I don't know or understand, who wouldn't love that aye? Me! That's who! So then this teacher tells me she's sorting out my placement and I'll be in a Kindergarten/daycare center and it's going to get me talking more Swedish... So translated, that means i'm going to get shown up by a bunch of 3 year olds as they'll be speaking better than me.. Yay :P But don't worry, i'll let you know how it goes ;) 

Other than that, i've been filling all my free time watching TV shows on my computer, I guess it takes my mind of the great situation I'm in haha. Like I've started watching Orange Is The New Black, which I have to say does make me chuckle! Then there's Californication (which I can't believe I haven't found before) and Devious Maids which is pretty epic in my opinion :P Then Season 6 of Castle's started! How awesome was that season premiere? I was like HI CUDDDYYYYY!!! :D Seeing her as a Fed was a nice change, although in my mind she will always be Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House :P

Well that was a pretty long update, but I was just wondering on your opinion for something... Not sure on the name Teen Moves Abroad, so I wanted your suggestions... So check out my poll!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Finally getting round to doing an update ;) Been pretty busy and my internets been a pain in the butt! Haha Anyway, to start I just want to thank you all for your emails, :)

So, since my last update a lot has gone on... I've had my summer break, (10 weeks! :D) now i'm back at school and I'm in the 9th grade! I had my 15th birthday and I went back to the UK. And I'm still slowly progressing with the Swedish. 

My summer break was kind of a bore, I didn't really have much to do /: I did go and see Scary Movie 5 for my birthday though, what'd you guys think of number 5? The first scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan, LOL! Then I went back to England to see some friends, which was great :D I even had my belly button pierced. But now I'm back at school :( But to be honest I'm actually shocked at how much Swedish I can understand now! Like when the teachers talk to the class I can understand so many more words than before! Now it's just the pronunciation... But I'll get there.

Can't believe I've been here since January, it'll have been a year soon! So, I was just wondering if any of you have moved to a new country (or are planning to) and how your feeling about it? Whether it's just to share your experiences or get advice, but I'm here to answer any questions about the daunting task of moving to a new country. Cause trust me, it's scary as shit at first, but it'll get better :)

Now, because I'm in the 9th grade, I have to start thinking about with High school program I'm going to take :S Basically here in Sweden (for those who don't know) you pick like a 'Direction', like the path you want to go down. For example my friend is taking the 'Barn och Fritid' program (literally Child and free time) because she wants to be a kindergarten teacher! So I have no idea what I want to do and I'm totally stuck for my decision, so that's great ;) Are any of you unsure of what you want to do? Maybe you could give me some inspiration ;)

Anyway, this update been full of a lot of random stuff, but from now on I'm going to update more regularly! So keep emailing and any questions then comment! :D

Laters :)

[Oh and by the way, I recommend to any cool person who's maybe seen Castle or any Joss Whedon show to check out Firefly and the film Serenity! It's epic guys! Like i'm not really a Sci-Fi kind of person, but it's A-maze-ing! Well let me know what you think anyway :* ]

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day of Swedish!

So today the rest of my grade are on a trip with the P.E so the teacher decided it would be best to spend the day doing some swedish instead. So here I am at school, sitting by my locker on Facebook and updating my blog. (Don't worry I'm not skiving or ditching class, I've got a 50 minute lunch break!) I'm still working with the Mål 1 books, on like chapter 4 now :D, and I'm still working with a lot of children's books, but now my teacher found us a new project to do. It's called Storyline and basically you have to invent your own city, you need to come up with a name, what language they speak, their religion, how many people are there and all that. So far me and Jesse (because we have to work together, oh and she's my twin) have decided our city, or should I say island ;), is in southern Italy were the people are all Welsh speaking Buddhists, not something you see everyday! :P It helps with learning a language because you have to say/write everything about the city in your language of choice, in my case swedish. :) But I think it's just going to be a lot of practise from now on.

But if anybody has any questions about moving to another country or moving in general feel free to ask! I mean I started this blog to help other people in my situation and hopefully they will be prepared for the move and everything afterwards because I know before I moved I searched the internet for someone who had moved to a foreign country but I couldn't find very much. So basically, I just want to be here to give advice to anyone who asks, and just purely to talk about whatever random stuff is going on in my uninteresting life. :P 

I mean there's not much else to talk about, (not sure if I've mentioned it before) but Jesse still wants to move back to the UK before September when she would be starting Year 11 there, so that's definitely not an experience I'm looking forward too! We've never even been in different countries before! Well maybe she's been in Wales while I've been in England but that doesn't really count! :P 

Anyway, I'm going to finish school then go home and watch Castle (my recent addiction) then maybe some PLL. What do you guys think of these shows, are there any shows or movies you recommend? So thanks for reading!

P.s Happy Tuesday everybody!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Finally!.. An update!

So, I have no idea how long it's been but I know it's been too long to not post anything! Well, I don't really have any developments as such, other than I've finally finished this swedish childrens book! :D I know it sounds childish ;) haha but every couple of weeks (in my swedish lesson) I've translated a few pages of this children book. Totally forgot the name but I had a test on it in swedish and I think I did pretty good :) (well my general answer was 'HOW ON EARTH AM I MEANT TO KNOW! :O' but  I mean I answered most of the questions, even if it was after like 5 minutes of staring at each one and taking a random guess) Other than that I think the swedish progress is going ok. One thing that annoys me though (might have already told you ;) ) but everyone thinks I should be learning faster! I mean like Hell no bitch.. Hold my tea cup!... But some of them have been learning english for years and they still can't hold a conversation and I've only been learning swedish a couple of months! Anyhow, I'll get there eventually! :P

Other than that not much has happened since my last post. Well it was my sisters birthday and she had this super tasty cake! ( <-- The cake :D ) and I started watching the show Castle. I mean have any of you guys seen Castle? I'd seen it advertised before but never watched it, how stupid was I?! Anyone who's watched it will agree with me, it's AMAZING! I've literally been watching it everyday! What do you guys think of it? And what about Pretty Little Liars?

So gotta go, things to do, people to see ;)
Laters! ;)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Can't sleep!

So it's 10 past 1 in the morning and can't sleep so in between posting random stuff on Instagram (btw my username is emilylouise258 Maybe I'll follow back ;) ) thought I'd post an update. So finally got person numbers, woohoo! ;) But there's a downside,, most phone companies want you to have had a person number for 6 months before you can get a SIM card or Internet contract -_- :( which is pants... So more waiting then.., :P but other than that I haven't really got much more to say, just that I've been to a BBQ (abit early seeming as it's not really summer yet but oh well) then came home to eat cake ;) (Love cake, sometimes my sister compares me to Monica from Friends because I'm kind of a control freak, and a neat freak an she says I'm a fat girl inside... ;) have you watched friends? Who'd you think you are out of the Friends cast?) then been posting pics on Instagram cause I've got nothing else to do :) (would post some pics but I'm on the web not app and I'm to lazy to download it,,) So yanoooo :P 
But anyways really happy about the views and emails I'm getting about this blog, cause I'm only just starting and everything's still new to me, so just subscribe or comment or like or whatever :) everything helps :D
Well laters! <3

Monday, 15 April 2013


Hi guys!

Thanks for the emails, great chatting to some of you guys! 
Anyway, just thought i'd do a quick update just to fill you guys in, (why you'd want to know I have no idea :P )
So, Swedish is going Ok, still super difficult and i think they talk really fast but hopefully, in time, i'll get it :D I'm planning to go back to the UK in the summer to see family and stuff soon, so that should be fun too :) Trying to beg my parents to let me get my belly button pierced, I mean I know friends who've got it and i'm not worried about pain, so hopefully they will say yes :D So if any of you guys have any advice for me or stories then comment or email me :) Would really like to hear them. Also i'd like your opinion, i'll post a poll later, but i'm not sure whether to just get a standard belly piercing (at the top) or whether (not straight away of course) to get a one at the top and bottom, a double belly button piercing?
Like this! ;)
So again any info i'd be grateful :D Also, I have a few piercings, (11 actually ;) ) so if any of you want to know about them then just let me know :) I have lobe, cartlidge, eyebrow and nose piercings if that helps :)
But other than all that my days been pretty boring :P I mean i had some new converse, and clothes but that's pretty much it :P 
Photo: New Converse :D
New converse :D
So if you have any blog suggestions or improvements i'd be grateful, also just showing your friends my blog would put a smile on my face :P